When creativity, passion and international styling meet the richness of India,
the result is a product range that is beautiful, unusual.

India has a rich heritage in clothing. Each region of India has its own
distinctive style – in material, techniques or form, that has evolved over centuries.
Like in most countries, urbanization and the emergence of large retailers is
bringing about a standardization in clothing that does not reflect
the true richness and depth of the clothing heritage of India.
This is true of clothing that retails in India as well as clothing that is
produced in India for international markets. The potential of India for fashion is hugely underutilized. We hope to make a significant contribution to correct that anomaly !

 Woven garments – an exquisite range of techniques – hand embroidery, hand block prints, embellishments and hand woven fabrics. This is a category where each technique has an immense variety and depth... more
 Leather garments – garments made of leather, with hand embroidery, washes, burnt effect… more  
 Leather Bags – Leather bags with a variety of leathers, finishes… more  
 Accessories – Hand made buttons, jewellery inspired cufflinks, jewellery based accessories. Stoles – hand woven, cotton, silk, wool, embroidered stoles…more  
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