In a world full of machine made products -
We believe that given a choice, consumers
world-over would love to have products
that are hand made and respectful of the
planet. Bringing joy and meaning into what
would otherwise be yet another purchase.

Fashion products are essentially
discretionary purchases... Most people
don't really need another shirt, bag,
shoes or any clothing/accessory.
At any point, a typical urban consumer
has enough clothing in his/her wardrobe
to see him/hercomfortably and perhaps
even fashionably dressed for the next few years at least.
The fashion industry offers the opportunity to incorporate
exquisite hand made elements into the products - ranging from a
hand embroidered motif on a garment to a pair of entirely hand crafted cuff links.

UNIQUE - Hand made products have a beauty and soul that machine-mades cannot match.
SUPPORT MARGINALIZED ARTISANS - Hand made products keep traditional skills alive.
HEIRLOOM - Many have the pleasure of having received a hand made / hand embroidered shawl, stole or handmade jewellery, reflecting the rich tradition of the region. Would you give a Gap chino (no offence to Gap Inc) as an heirloom to your child?
ECO-FRIENDLY - A hand made product (more often than not) is more lovingly tended to. Compared with the 'use and dispose' fate of machine made products. This certainly helps reduce the burden on the planet's resources.
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An exquisite range of techniques; hand embroidery, hand block prints, embellishments and hand woven fabrics. This is a category where each technique has an immense variety and depth.
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